Why wibas exists: our vision

The vision of wibas since 1997: modern consulting that makes working and doing business better in the 21st century.

wibas vision: Making work and business better

Many years ago, the founders of wibas came together with a vision. The vision to make working and doing business better while avoiding false promises, bogus successes and economically damaging behavior. In other words: For companies that want to deal with ever-increasing complexity and ever-shorter innovation cycles, we offer a management consultancy that introduces innovative ways of working. This vision is still the energy source of our actions today. 

Numbers, data and facts

  • The wibas group has 70 permanent employees.

  • The wibas Group has locations with its own subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

  • Together, the companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland generate sales of around 10 million euros.


  • wibas was founded in 1997 as an IT service provider.

  • 2002: Focus of activity changes to process improvement and change of working methods.

  • 2007: Implementation of large transformation projects with agile methods and development into a management consulting firm

  • 2009: Increasing focus on agility and Scrum in teams

  • 2011: wibas becomes partner of the Scrum Alliance

  • 2013: Support of large agile transformations

  • 2016: Combination of transition projects to an agile organization and digitization projects, founding of the subsidiary 4craft.

  • 2018: wibas becomes Gold Partner of the Scaled Agile Academy

Our authenticity makes us special

We consult at eye level. We do things together and co-creatively. Our work is always open, transparent, honest. We take into account the context in which we operate. We constantly review all of this. This is how we continue to develop for and with our clients. That is what makes wibas so special.

Our authenticity is shown in our actions.

  • Instead of "a consultancy thinks, the customer acts", we think and act together.

  • Instead of a hierarchy where the senior thinks and the junior acts, we work at eye level.

  • Instead of being heroes, we empower our customers.

  • Instead of secret meetings, we work with open doors and post results.

Our portfolio: Working in the 21st century

As a modern management consultancy for working in the 21st century, we accompany our clients in professionalizing and sustainably improving their organizational processes and working environment. We support you in dealing with ever-increasing uncertainty and shorter innovation cycles. In doing so, we act as a partner in the implementation of your visions, strategies and targeted improvements. 

Learn more about our Topics, ConsultingAcademy and Publications or get to know us in a personal meeting. 

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