Organization in a digital age

As a leader, are you wondering how organizations can be more responsive and faster in a digital age? Are you already using Agile or Scrum in some teams and now want to leverage the benefits across the entire organization?

Agile patterns for the entire organization

It provides proven patterns that you can use to set up teams, units, and organizations according to the principles of Agile and Lean. Unlike other "rigid" frameworks, this is a book with customizable patterns. It allows you to design your own solution while benefiting from proven experience.

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Organisation in a Digital Age (german)

Organisation in a Digital Age (german)

Provides proven patterns to set up teams, units, and organizations according to the principles of Agile and Lean.
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  • Why Scaled Agile & Lean?

  • The foundation of Scaled Agile & Lean

  • The big picture pattern for teams

  • Pattern for units Pattern for organizations

  • Agile & Lean leadership

  • Agile & Lean Transformation

  • Techniques for Scaled Agile & Lean

  • Development Kanban techniques

  • Moderation techniques

  • Glossary, Index

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